Niakan ronagh pars company begun its official activity since the beginning of the year 2018 with the trademark (Niateb)

The company began its activities in the field of manufacturing surgical instruments as well as the production of disposable medical equipment،With more than 15 years of experience in the field of medical engineering, manufacturing, manufacturing and design, with the help of senior consultants in engineering and research and development systems

niakan ronagh Pars Co. is trying to take steps to produce the most quality products at reasonable prices and after-sales services in order to improve the quality of products in the country.

The company has made the Sternum retractor (one-for-all ) model for the first time in iran.

This retractor has been made by Geisters Co. and is the most optimal madel available in the world and is effective in open heart surgery and we have succeeded to obtain legal licenses from the iranian Medical Devices organization.

The company has produced monopolar laparoscopic electrodes for the first time in Iran.

Product Niateb Company

Laparoscopic Monopolar

The  one for all  retrorator is one of the most modern retractors in the world.

Niateb Retractor Sternum

the type of design of the shape of the blades, reduces damage to the Mediastinum tissues to a great extent.

Niateb Retractor

which has many advantages for heart surgery.